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Welcome to Home Care for Cats. Please call Tracey on 02392 357505 or 07979 467271

cat named Piper cat named Raisin cat named Macky Whilst you are away you can:
  • Leave your cats in the comfort of their own home and surroundings to continue as they are familiar with.
  • Rely on Home Care for Cats to call every day, to feed your pet, change litter trays etc. To also comfort your pet.
  • Allow me permission if required to alternate lights, curtains, check all windows and doors to provide a secure and safe home while you are absent. Water any indoor plants during hot weather if necessary.
  • Avoid the worry and distress of placing your beloved pet in a cattery, sometimes risking fleas, infections, and isolation at times. (And most catteries do require up-to-date vaccinations before accepting your cats.)
  • Be secure in knowing that I can administer medication and diabetic injections to certain pets.
  • Leave your cats contented in the care of Home Care for Cats.

When you're away from home, your pet(s) will happily stay alone in your house. They will much prefer to be left to carry on as they usually do in the surroundings they are used to. Get Home Care for Cats to take care of your pets needs: Food, water, litter trays, care and attention, every day you are away.

And don't forget! Home Care for Cats can call at short notice and in emergencies for... one day... or a weekend.

Some of our customers do need to have two visits a day for the care of their pets.

Long term visits can be arranged at reduced prices.

Other Pets

  • Do you struggle to find someone to mind your pet whilst you are away from home?
  • Contact us to help with all your pet minding requirements.
  • As well as cats, we also care for a variety of other pets in their own homes, including Rabbits, Rodents, Birds, Fish and more exotic pets like Iguanas.
  • We can walk your dog if you have to be out for a long period.
  • Please feel free to telephone or use our Contact form to e-mail Tracey and then discuss your pets needs.

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