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Frequently Asked Questions







Do you only care for cats? Top
No, we can care for most other pets, please see our Other Pets page.

Can you visit more than once per day? Top
Yes, we can make multiple calls according to your requirements, for example, if your pet requires medication

What about home security? Top
Your home security is of upmost importance to us. Doors and windows are checked at each visit.

How long do you spend on each visit? Top
It depends on your cats. We usually spend at least 20 minutes on each visit, to attend to your cats needs, give your cats real attention and make sure they are content.

What time do you visit? Top
Usually between 9 AM and 5 PM (and this lets us make calls to vets if needed). If your cats are on medication then we'll be there to give medicines at the time of day called for.

What happens if my pet becomes ill? Top
We will take your cat to its own vet if we think necessary. It's obviously important you let us know if your cat is not well when you go away. Vet bills have to be paid when the cat is treated so we will pay on your behalf and will ask to be paid back as soon as possible on your return. We always have a cat carrier/basket for any emergencies that may arise. We will try to contact you if there are serious problems.

Should I leave my cat flap open? Top
Your cats are probably either indoor or outdoor types. We have outdoor cats who have their cat flap open all the time (most often with a magnet on their collar to work the flap) and, when outside, they come to us when they are called. Different cats, many different habits. We want to look after your cats the same way you do, whilst you are away.

Will you water my plants and garden? Top
Yes, I will be happy to water house plants.  Gardens, too, for a small charge.

Can you call every other day while I am away? Top
Yes, but I strongly prefer to call every day for the safety and welfare of your pet. The well being of your cat is our priority while it is in our care and more than 24 hours between visits could be too long if the cat became sick or if any other problems developed. For your peace of mind - and our own - we visit daily during the period of your booking so as to make sure your cat is getting fresh food and water and care and attention.

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