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Other Pets We Care For at Home

Your rabbit

Tracey will care for your rabbits same as you would whilst you are away from home. Tell Tracey and show her how your rabbits are housed and fed. Hay, dry food mixes, vegetables you can keep fridge fresh - Tracey will be able to arrange with you, your supplies for your rabbits when you leave home, so she can feed and care for them each day.

For guinea pig, pet rat, hamster, gerbil, pet mouse...Fresh water, hay, food-mix and pellets, fruit and veg - Make preparations for Tracey, say to her the way you want things done and she will take care of looking after your little animals when you're away.

With established routine you have for your birds, when you must leave them for a while, let Tracey know and she will discuss with you and agree to continue your routine whilst you are away.

You will have everything worked out, maintaining conditions for your fish at home. If you do need to leave home, then, whilst your fish just need their feed, once or twice a day, call Tracey and discuss with her how to make sure your fish are okay when you are away.

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