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What we do and How we Care for your Pets at Home



My name is Tracey, I run Home Care For Cats. I work seven days a week, so you can call me at weekends if necessary. As well as daily care, I am available to care for your pet(s) at very short notice ... Just for one day, or for any emergency you might have.

I do cover all Bank Holidays, including Christmas and New Year.

Use our Contact page or call 02392 357505 or 07979 467271

Arrangements for your Pets

When you contact me I will as soon as possible phone or email to arrange a visit to your home. If this is a first visit, I will explain everything in advance - I have written references and police background checks to show you.

When you tell me what you need for your pets then I can tell you what the daily fee will be.

The main purpose of visiting you before you go away is, of course, for you to tell me how you want your pets to be cared for. I will want to do everything for your pets in the same way they are used to, to give them their regular food, to change litter trays etc., and to pet and play with them a short while to make sure they are happy at home.

Food and Medicines

Generally, I will ask you to leave a stock of your pets usual food, sufficient for the time you are away. Then there is fresh water or perhaps milk that I may provide, to make sure it is fresh each day.

If your pets do need daily medication (including cats' injections if diabetic) then I will make sure to administer at the right time each day.

Home Security

As well as looking after your cats, an important benefit of calling at your house each day is to make sure the premises are secure and to help give the impression the house is not empty in your absence.

Usually I collect a key to your house and I keep the key until you return home. I have secure arrangements for the safe-keeping of keys and, as a security precaution, would never label a key with its address.


Charges vary, and are dependent on how many pets you have, where you live, and what services you require. I can advise what the charge per visit will be if you would like to make an enquiry by phone or use our e-mail form with no obligation on your part.

As an example the charge for 2 cats in the Gosport area would generally be £12.00 per visit.

Bank Holidays are charged at half as much again, except for Christmas day, New Years day, and Easter Sunday, which are double.

Special rates can be negotiated if you are away for a long period of time.


Home Care for cats is a local business established 8 years ago, in 2003, by Mrs Ada Brodie. Ada retired from the business in September 2011, and the business is now run by Tracey Burns.

Contact me now. It will be my pleasure to meet you and your pet(s) with no obligation on your part.

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