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Why not a Cattery?

We hear similar stories many times: "We used to put our cat in a cattery, but she/he hates it. We'd come back from holiday and she'd be so thin. And full of fleas. It was so distressing to take her there; even to get her in the basket was hard work. We're so glad we found Home Care for Cats."

Not all catteries are bad places. Sometimes you have to board your animals, maybe when you move out of your house for building work or whatever.

But the main complaint we hear about catteries is the cat stops eating. This can be due to stress. The stress of being in strange surroundings, the stress of being close to other cats or barking dogs in kennels next door. Cats are animals of routine – they get used to life at home and like things to stay that way. Disturbing the ‘norm’ by taking them to a cattery will inevitably cause some stress for them.

Another complaint is usually fleas. If the cattery has outdoor runs, fleas will get to your cat.  Quite often we've heard of flea-free indoor living cats who've come home from a cattery and brought back fleas that can infest your home.

Home Care for Cats will be happy to visit you and give advice on caring for your cat in your home whilst you are away. Call now on 02392 357505 or 07979 467271 (mobile).

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